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When webmasters have created their latest masterpiece, the next step to promote it. This is an important step in the survival of your website and increase your sales and visitors. Many webmasters, especially newbies, is so excited and I want to make great strides, so they can get hundreds of visitors a day soon. Sometimes they try to adopt some dirty methods to promote their website. This leads a website to be banned from major search engines and as good as he is hated by many people. Finally reducing the reputation of your site dramatically. Its cause is still bad advice or some people deliberately do these steps to increase traffic without knowing the side effects. We will discuss here the errors of promotion, and you should never use these techniques, if possible.

Never Submit your web site when it’s under construction:

It is always best to submit your web site when fully functional. This leaves a negative impression in the directories or search engines, wherever present. If your visitors with a sign on the building, many of them will not return, especially if the signal is longer.

No spam:

Spam can be of different types. I would focus on e-mail spam now. Does not force anyone, by sending emails, visit their website or product, especially if you do not subscribe to that. There are many offers available on the network you can get thousands of email list and use for your advertising. Never trust them everything they say. You can not win anything, but you could make more enemies and get your site banned times.


Many sites use redirects, or a new set prices too high. This is a really bad effect on search engine positioning. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Avoid the wrong methods of Web page optimization Many people still use old methods to hide text by changing its color back ground color so that its invisible to see. Do not try to hide the text layers. That was good enough, in 1995, when search engines were in various stages of developing their countries. Now they were very smart to win these methods and gives a penalty of websites using this technique.

Do not create doorway pages:

Many search engine optimizers and reverse engineering does not have a lot of information on the algorithms of search engines. They used this knowledge to create doorway pages or the pages of welcome or skip pages, which are used to obtain the top 10 rankings in search engines. These sites were well optimized for search engines and highly classified.

And well if the site is very dynamic and its pages are not ranking well in search engines. But how spammers can stay away from? Then each of the spammers use these techniques too, and finally it has become difficult for people to get relevant content. Search Engines built this increase as an enormous amount of doorway pages, and penalize sites are using these techniques. So I would never recommend this method to advertise on the website.

Don’t Involve in Link Making Schemes:

I advise you to increase your PageRank, but not use link production systems. Search engines are very picky about the type of site links is having.

So it is better to never involve in links farms, auto link exchange programs, site networks. Search engines penalize hardly those websites who try to artificially increase their incoming links or suddenly gain so many links in very small amount of time.
It is better to get links by legal ways. Get them from quality websites and try your best to inbound links only.

Keyword Frequency:

It is always advised that you should not stuff your web page only with key words, instead of using your primary keyword hundreds of times, pay your attention to contents. If you are really so concerned about your keywords then it is better to use different keywords at different places in your website.

Don’t Spend Your Time On Scrap:

Sometimes we may have seen websites showing guaranteed no. 1 position in search engines or submit your website to 1500 and plus search engines. They are lire mostly. Because there are only about 10 major search engines which receive about 95% of the internet traffic. All other search engines are smaller ones and get their primary results from major search engines.

It is a real wastage of time and money if you are going to use those schemes. Sometimes they also optimize your website in such way that it can even get banned, so be careful.

Don’t Buy Untargeted Traffic:

Many websites claim that they will send 10,000 visitors or so. What do you think, will that be targeted traffic and will that traffic change into your potential customers? Think carefully and then decide before choosing any such type of offer.