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First of all, let me tell you that I will not tell you about what is an affiliate for a long time. There are hundreds of sites that describe them. They all have their links and it’s not a bad thing either. An affiliate link can simply be a piece of code or a link given to you by a product or site. It can be pictorial or in the form of a straight link. You add that link to your site, and if a visitor to the shopping site purchases something from that site, you will receive a commission. A cookie copied to the visitor’s computer determines that that person is a customer connected to you, and its lifetime can vary between 1 month and 6 months. If you shop within this period, you will get a commission. If you buy it from another computer, another browser, or device, you cannot get a commission. The owner of this link is also an affiliate (called a branch office). Affiliates cannot issue invoices, these transactions are made by the main vendor.

The links I will give in the article are not top-secret links. I am not trying to introduce a system here. I am criticizing these types of monetization sites in general and will only share sites that work sporadically among them. I added the ones I found successful in my own way. Naturally, links have my affiliate number. After you become a member, you will receive such a number. Not all of these will suit everyone. So make your own account. These are not investment advice. Let me tell you frankly, I am not an expert or anything.

These links were previously open on my sites. I was getting a commission when they bought products by sending visitors to these places. But when I wanted to receive paid advertising, all services stopped my ads. Fortunately, I think it’s because I have a considerable payment history, they haven’t closed the account completely. I ran into someone whose account was closed. The (expert) guy who sold him his system is silent. Based on this, my first clue comes.

Tip 1: Here’s an invaluable first tip. Many people who do not know this thing that paid advertising with affiliate links will not work because of their experiences similar to the one I explained above. (PPA) When bots of sites such as Google Ads, Yandex Direct see affiliate links on the page, they immediately block the site. Even the search engine bot (crawler) pasts the penalty so that your site does not appear for at least 6 months. Even if you wake up and open a new site, these bots are smart enough to solve this in a short time and ban it as well.

Tip 2: (Secret of the masters) The thing to do is to create a list. Mailing list. I do this too. This is a secret little secret of successful side branches and you won’t find it easily for free. While there are several methods you can use to create lists, they are generally the same. Giving people something free and valuable on a page. The e-book is like a free utility. So you can persuade them to join your mailing list. There are systems such as response-0-matic, Aweber as a system. Using them, you can easily handle many jobs. If you understand a little, you can use it if your hosting provider also offers a mailing list service. But be careful about privacy, which is very important nowadays.

There is much more to write to understand the importance of the mailing list. My job is to provide you with this spark, you can continue to research it.

Tip 3: Bridge site and ads. This is a point where many people are wrong. If the main purpose of your page is to bring the prospective customer directly to the product’s site, this is defined as a bridge page and is in a category that search engines do not like. It should be avoided. There should be something on the page that provides additional added value, such as a review, criticism. Ask yourself this question. Why should the visitor come to my site when they can go to the real product site. If you don’t have the answer to that, then you have a hyperlink site.

As the number of advertisements, put a maximum of 2 ads on the page and they should not be positioned in a way that makes the main article difficult to read. If you are buying paid advertising, you know that every page is controlled both visually and algorithmically by working people. The main idea is that the page is useful. Think of yourself as the person who came to that page. If there is something to annoy you, such as pop-up windows popping up from right to left every 2 seconds, a full-page signup form that pops up on the screen when you move the mouse, ads popping up right under the mouse, forcing the ad blocker to close, you are on the wrong track. Search engine companies also see what you see, and they don’t want to send visitors there.

So how can an affiliate link be used with paid advertising? If you already have a site with a lot of visitors, you can add all kinds of ads and links there and you can earn money. If you have insufficient traffic or want extra income. You can turn to PPA ads. When you get it right, it’s really profitable. Depending on the location, you can spend 1 unit and earn 5 units. Those who do not want to spend money can increase their visitors with topics such as SEO and adding content. Although this is another matter, let me say this much. SEO without spending is a truly specialized subject and it is constantly changing. There is also an article about it.

Returning to the main question, an affiliate link can be used in paid advertising as follows. Although I think it is a little dangerous, it can work. If your link goes directly to the real site, you can insert it in the ad. Adding your affiliate code as a tracking link is also a recommended method. You are not adding a page in between. You are not redirecting to your site. The problem here is that if the content of the target site changes, you are not in control. It may sell illegal things, and your advertising account will be closed. Or he can remove the product you are selling and put something else on the page. In this case, your link will not be able to write to work and you will spend money in vain. Also, although a link such as does not cause any harm, you will advertise the seller without recognizing your user. 

Note: Sellers do not want your ad to appear on searches made with their names. They are also right in this because they must have taken a lot of trouble and expense to promote their brand. They will not want you to easily get a share of it either. You can avoid these problems by adding the name of the seller brand, the domain name as a broad-matched negative word to your ads so they don’t close your account.

Tip 4: The so-super affiliates called retain user control. In other words, these people must first become members of their system. Thus, in case of a dispute with the seller site, someone else can recommend the site to these members.

Tip 5: Traffic does not mean sales. The paid ones are also dry noise. Even if a lot of visitors come to your site, they will exit after 1 minute. These are people who click on your link for money and do not even look at the page. Many are even automatic bots. Don’t spend money on these. Don’t believe their garish advertisements either. Older systems such as traffic exchange and ad exchange may work, but try to free them before spending money. Read their comments.