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Textfocus HTML code & text on a page to deduce relevant content in the eyes of search engines

Appsumo lifetime deal

Sincerely, this is among the most underappreciated SEO resources available. Since this bargain is about to expire, I want to caution you against making the same mistake that I did once and felt awful about it:

Don’t let this one get you down. You’ll be sorry you did.

That being stated, I must begin with the following disclaimers:

I don’t consider Textfocus as a stand-alone SEO tool for anything, even though I use it for every article I create and wouldn’t want to miss the many insights I gain from it. I combine Textfocus with other SEO tools, such as Outranking and Neuronwriter, since each has advantages and disadvantages.

Currently, Textfocus is a tiny team or one man show. Excellent support is provided, but don’t anticipate a ton of tutorials or lightning-fast development.

Since most of the information is self-explanatory, I haven’t personally found that to be a major drawback, but just so you know. All that being said, a number of community demands were quickly fulfilled.

Get Textfocus Lifetime Deal

Best For

Texfocus is indeed a good tool for analyzing HTML code and text on a page to deduce relevant content, especially for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. It helps identify keywords, phrases, and other elements that search engines consider when ranking pages. By understanding what search engines are looking for, website owners can optimize their content to improve visibility and attract more organic traffic. Texfocus can provide insights into factors such as keyword density, meta tags, heading structure, and overall content relevance, helping website owners fine-tune their SEO strategies for better performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Features Key

Textfocus, as an AI service, prioritizes GDPR compliance to ensure user data protection and privacy. Here are some features that contribute to its compliance:

Appsumo lifetime deal
Appsumo lifetime deal
  1. Data Minimization: Textfocus only collects and processes data necessary for its functionality, minimizing the scope of personal data stored.
  2. User Consent: It obtains explicit consent from users before processing any personal data, ensuring transparency and control over data usage.
  3. Anonymization: Wherever possible, Textfocus anonymizes personal data to protect user identities and privacy.
  4. Data Security: Robust measures are in place to safeguard user data against unauthorized access, loss, or misuse.
  5. Data Retention Policies: Textfocus adheres to strict data retention policies, deleting or anonymizing data when it’s no longer necessary for its intended purpose.
  6. User Rights: It facilitates user rights under GDPR, including the right to access, rectify, and erase personal data upon request.
  7. Encryption: All data transmission and storage within Textfocus are encrypted to prevent unauthorized interception or access.
  8. Audit Trails: Detailed audit trails are maintained to track data processing activities, ensuring accountability and compliance with GDPR requirements.

The pros: 

I can’t find another tool that provides me with semantic insights in such an easy-to-use manner. Also, the data is excellent. It was right on for the most part when I compared it to numerous SEO programs that accomplish the same thing but are much more expensive. In reality, Textfocus allowed me to quit a costly monthly membership.

It’s quite thorough. Spend some time getting to know the software; you’ll be surprised at the insights it can provide. 

The data is very unique / different from most SEO software. Í really like that, because it gives me the chance to SEO-optimize my content in different ways. Also, you can immediately filter what makes sense and what not.

The credit system is super generous besides the fact that it remembers your previous analyses without this costing extra credits when you reload these.

Excellent customer support. Although I contacted Christophe only once, I got a quick and helpful reply.

The cons:

Well, I will address a few things, but considering the fact this is a lifetime deal, I can’t really say these are ‘real’ cons…

One thing that would make a huge difference for me: Having the option to first select the entities I still need to add, and then simply be able to copy that list of words instead of immediately copy all the entities. This has to do with my personal workflow and would save me a lot of time.

You need to get some experience with the software and some understanding of basic SEO. Basically meaning that you understand how to interpret the data that Textfocus is giving you. I think this counts for every SEO software out there, but without in-depth tutorials at this moment, you need to do some work.

As I said in the beginning, I missed this deal the first time, and I was really frustrated about it. When it came back, I clicked the buy button without hesitation.

I suggest you do the same.


If you do anything related to SEO content writing or optimizing existing content, you want to have this one.

Textfocus offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing HTML code and text content on web pages to enhance visibility and relevance for search engines. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Textfocus enables users to:

Textfocus assists in structuring HTML code effectively, ensuring it is well-formatted, semantically meaningful, and accessible to search engine crawlers. It suggests relevant keywords and phrases based on contextual analysis, helping users incorporate them strategically within the content and meta tags to improve search engine rankings.

Textfocus thoroughly analyzes text content on web pages, identifying key themes, entities, and topics to ensure alignment with user intent and search engine algorithms. It recommends appropriate schema markup to enrich search results with additional context, making web pages more informative and engaging for both users and search engines.

Textfocus provides insights and suggestions for improving the quality and relevance of content, such as enhancing readability, avoiding duplicate content issues, and optimizing multimedia elements. SEO Best Practices: It guides users in implementing SEO best practices, including optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, heading structures, and internal linking strategies for maximum impact on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Overall, Textfocus empowers website owners, developers, and marketers to create web pages that are not only technically optimized but also highly relevant and valuable to both users and search engines, ultimately driving organic traffic and improving online visibility.

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