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Announcements like this appear in newspapers, flyers stuck onto utility poles, and even shul parsha sheets. They seek to be offering intriguing business propositions that could provide either the answer to all your problems or a healthy supplementary income. You may hear of them via e-mail, a friend or relative, or an old-fashioned letter in your mailbox. For many frum people, pressed for time, money, and school bills, they appear attractive. But what do they really offer?

Most such schemes are by definition frauds (both in the legal and halachic sense), and the only way of profiting by them is by others losing. Those that are not clear frauds are suspect in some other way, and should be avoided by a ba’al nefesh.

The schemes fall into three categories: Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid selling, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Lets look at each of them in turn.

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When webmasters have created their latest masterpiece, the next step to promote it. This is an important step in the survival of your website and increase your sales and visitors. Many webmasters, especially newbies, is so excited and I want to make great strides, so they can get hundreds of visitors a day soon. Sometimes they try to adopt some dirty methods to promote their website. This leads a website to be banned from major search engines and as good as he is hated by many people. Finally reducing the reputation of your site dramatically. Its cause is still bad advice or some people deliberately do these steps to increase traffic without knowing the side effects. We will discuss here the errors of promotion, and you should never use these techniques, if possible.

Never Submit your web site when it’s under construction:

It is always best to submit your web site when fully functional. This leaves a negative impression in the directories or search engines, wherever present. If your visitors with a sign on the building, many of them will not return, especially if the signal is longer.

No spam:

Spam can be of different types. I would focus on e-mail spam now. Does not force anyone, by sending emails, visit their website or product, especially if you do not subscribe to that. There are many offers available on the network you can get thousands of email list and use for your advertising. Never trust them everything they say. You can not win anything, but you could make more enemies and get your site banned times.


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Some bloggers who are new, interested to the making money online who are started to blog or either planning to start off a blog. After struggling a few months , their faces disappear from the online world. What happened ? Why they are not actively working on their blogs like beginning? Most of the bloggers  don’t even make it up to at least one year as they fall.

Today I’m sharing a few reasons why most bloggers quit blogging within a few months. Please read this article below if you are a newbie blogger and make sure you don’t quit blogging.

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