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How can you make money as an affiliate? I must say that this is not easy, although there are many ways. You can find many sites on monetization. Americans (US) seem to be the master of this business. With the advantage of their mother tongue, they sometimes play word games as if there is a secret formula and only they know it. I used to think they were millionaires, all happy. There are sites of such preciousness everywhere.

I wasted a lot of time and money trying to figure out what they were trying to do. I have tried many different methods. I bought packages. I couldn’t even get what I spent, let alone earning money. There were times when I thought there was a problem with me. Sometimes I have come across others who have the same problems. Now I’m sure the problem isn’t with me, it’s with these guys. They always turn the same word and try to sell you something. In fact, they don’t share some secrets that will really make money. Of course, it is possible to browse many sites, hang out on forums, catch some tips and make a system out of them, and understand the market. But how do we find useful ones among so much false and incomplete information and noise? 

There is a vicious circle of monetization sites. I know because I have visited such sites a lot, and I searched for the right system. The story always proceeds approximately like this. Usually, there are multicolored text, money, and wealth-themed pictures at the top of the page.

Increasingly low promises tell you how easy it is to earn money, Ferrari and all, but first, you need to buy their own products for only $ 19.99 (actually $ 149.99 but on sale for a short time). It is not a huge amount of money, but seeing this will be a little disappointing. You’ll still read on. They share their own checks, how they failed before, they don’t want you to experience the same failures, etc… In fact, they claim that they give some very valuable reports for free with the package. At the bottom, of course, there will be testimonials. “Ah … I wish I had found such a perfect system sooner. Thanks to you endless. blah blah … “If you are finally convinced and you get the package, you’ll get a ton of pdfs in your mailbox. When you open the word “start here” and read it, you see that it asks you to become a member of many more places. These places are the places that make money for that person. But not to you. Things get forked as you continue to read. It turns into a cycle with an indefinite beginning. You will be left in confusion. My advice is to go from free sources whenever possible. It may be that you have to spend money, but understand what you are getting. Example: One hosting service, one domain. These are tangible things. But do not buy the unclear pdf file just because they praise it so much on their site. In fact, run away from there. Probably their intentions are not good.

You cannot immediately earn money by signing up for a system and purchasing a package. But those who sell that system to you win. They also ask you to sell so that each member you bring will earn them money over and over again. I compare systems like this to a Ponzi scheme. It is earned as long as someone becomes a member of the system. When recruiting stops, the system crashes. Because there is nothing that really adds value, that is, that can be sold.

Of course, you can sell something. But don’t sell anything you don’t believe works without using it yourself. I used everything I personally advertised myself. I do not add the ones I do not like to my links. It is not honest to do this, even if it will make money. Of course, there may not be a chance to try everything. Can’t a person without a dog sell dog food online? Of course, it sells, but how reliable would it be. (Like Dropshipping)

There is another chatter going on on monetization sites. Blog. Find your niche. Place your links in it, let the money come … blah blah blah. Their examples are always similar to each other. They say about dogs, let it be an area of ​​interest in the kitchen, such as cooking or cutting trees. For some reason, they cannot go beyond the topic of making money themselves. Because in reality, they don’t provide anything, they just sell dreams. I mean the dream of getting rich. My area of ​​interest is hosting, software, and video games. Making money is not the main concern. I am interested in making money using them. Apart from that, I am also interested in issues related to my profession, but I do not write about them.

If you are interested in making money with hosting and some internet services, you can subscribe to my mailing list. In the middle and at the bottom of this page, I have added forms to my e-mail list that you can subscribe to. This membership is free. It contains links and tips for the use of sites that I use myself and that I can really earn or think are useful. You may ask why I haven’t explicitly put them here. One of the reasons is that such links are not liked by search bots and may result in a ban on the site. I explained other reasons in the document you will receive after membership. Membership is free and you can leave later if you want.